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Summary0000103: doxygen markup of in-source documentation comments
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Documenting ASCEND


The ASCEND code base contains extensive documentation written by the various developers over time. Currently this documentation is only available by browsing the individual source files with an editor. This valuable resource could be even more useful in formatted, linked format. The doxygen ( documentation system provides a natural way to compile in-source documentation into a such a formatted manual.

Use of doxygen requires that the comments be in a standardized, coded format. The objectives of this effort are to:

    * convert the existing comments into doxygen format
    * establish a standard comment format for use in new code
    * extend documentation to the implementation as appropriate (currently, only the interfaces in headers are extensively documented)


BenAllan? completed initial conversion of comments using sed. Committed as revision 43.

JerryStClair completed initial manual rework of doxygen comments in all headers. Committed as revision 71. Modifications included:

    * Added @file comment to all headers.
    * Added parameter names to all function declarations in headers.
    * Corrected comment referencing where necessary.
    * Split some comments which documented blocks of declarations.
    * Converted notes about required work into @todo comments so doxygen can generate a todo list.

The following still needs to be done to complete the header documentation conversion:

    * complete documentation of undocumented modules (see doxygen todo list)
    * clean up redundant comments left in place during initial rework
          o remove original comments if new ones are acceptable
          o remove commented-out parameter and return value specifications (redundant with full function prototypes now in place)
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2005-10-28 07:38

administrator   ~0000013

Last edited: 2005-11-04 08:57

Any chance of a hosted version of the resulting dox? Ideally, you could set up a quick cron job to check out your sources and run doxygen on them, then stick them on this server somewhere?


2009-05-26 18:21

administrator   ~0000552

Added cron job to perform doxygen processing of trunk each night.

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