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Summary0000104: initial value modelling
DescriptionFrom the Wiki, [[InitialValueModeling]]

This task is to extend ASCEND's ability to solve initial value differential-algebraic problems. Such problems comprise a mixture of ordinary differential and algebraic equations. The "twist" to this extension is to convert the integration equations for stepping the ODEs into ASCEND models and, initially, to use methods and a Tcl script to do the stepping. In this manner, we do not need to add any new solver code to ASCEND.
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2006-02-25 09:22

administrator   ~0000286

Reminder sent to: art

Out of curiousity Art, what efforts have been made to try to implement the necessary functionality for IVP solving as part of the core engine of ASCEND?

EMSO used the DASSLC solver to solve its models; as far as I could tell the only *language* extensions required were statements to specify the range and timestep, a special 'time' global variable, and a diff(xxx) 'operator' to indicate time derivatives of variables.


2009-05-01 17:44

administrator   ~0000502

suspended, not relevant until after GSOC completed

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