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Summary0000155: Set up Jam build to use SubInclude
DescriptionJam offers SubInclude as a thing comparable to make 'include' or 'make -C'. We should use this to remove the need for complex command-line shenanigans when building with Jam. It should be possible to just type 'jam' (perhaps under the trunk/jam directory) and have all of ASCEND be built.
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2005-12-18 06:24

manager   ~0000093

Last edited: 2005-12-18 17:34

Using SubInclude substitutes mildly inconvenient command-line "shenanigans" for highly inconvenient Jamfile complexity. Maintaining a complex tree of Jamfiles is a major pain - I've done projects both ways and have prefered the simpler approach. Further, one of the main early objectives of this round of development was decoupling the ASCEND components. Coupling everything together in a monolithic Jamfile system works in the opposite direction.

That said, the merits of a distributed Jamfile system are more attractive if jam will be the main build system for ASCEND. That was not the case when the jam system was developed, so it was designed to be inobtrusive. If we're moving to SCons or something else, though, the original assumptions hold.

A set of shell scripts, one set in base/jam and one set in tcltk98/jam, is another way to achieve the objective. This may be a good interim solution until the build system debate plays out.

I will explore the difficulty of implementing the SubInclude functionality.


2005-12-22 02:37

manager   ~0000151

jam system has been reworked to use SubInclude structure. Committed as revision 165. Will be marked as resolved after others have a chance to use it to make sure it's working ok.


2009-05-01 17:46

administrator   ~0000506

not using jam any more

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