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0000176ascendbuild-systempublic2006-05-10 02:22
Assigned Tojohn 
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Summary0000176: Jam build system doesn't update correctly on change to ascParse.y
DescriptionWhen I make changes to ascParse.y, I get errors like

../generic/compiler/scanner.l: In function ?zz_lex?:
../generic/compiler/scanner.l:412: error: ?zz_lval? undeclared (first use in this function)
../generic/compiler/scanner.l:412: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
../generic/compiler/scanner.l:412: error: for each function it appears in.)

I think these may be related to dependencies not being set up correctly between scanner.l and ascParse.y, or something like that.
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related to 0000170 closedjohn Error with YY_USE_CONST redefined in FC4 / GCC 4.0.2 
child of 0000169 resolvedjds Complete implementation of Jam build 



2005-12-22 02:31

manager   ~0000149

I can't reproduce this. When I make changes to ascParse.y and scanner.l, the only warnings I get are:

Cc ..\jam\Debug\mingw\compiler\scanner.o
In file included from ../base/generic/utilities/ascConfig.h:418,
                 from ..\base\generic\compiler\scanner.l:36:
../base/generic/utilities/error.h:59:39: warning: ISO C does not permit named variadic macros
../base/generic/utilities/error.h:60:32: warning: ISO C does not permit named variadic macros
..\base\generic\compiler\scanner.c: In function `zz__init_buffer':
..\base\generic\compiler\scanner.c:3038: warning: implicit declaration of function `fileno'
..\base\generic\compiler\scanner.l: At top level:
..\base\generic\compiler\scanner.c:2792: warning: 'yyunput' defined but not used


2005-12-22 02:59

administrator   ~0000155

We'll open this one again if it reappears, but since you've reimplemented the Jam build, it's probably gone...

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