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Summary0000182: Use of slash in Jam build under MinGW?
DescriptionDuring the jam build in Windows under MinGW, I get a whole stack of backslashes in the Jam output. Surely under MSYS the forward slashes should be used?

if $(NT)
  SLASH = \\ ;

should change to something like

if $(NT)
  if $(TOOLSET) != "MINGW" ;
    SLASH = \\ ;
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2005-12-22 10:46

administrator   ~0000162

Note the distinction here between perhaps using 'MinGW' by itself, as opposed to using the shell provided by MSYS. Perhaps all this would be working fine if I wasn't using the MSYS shell?



2005-12-23 03:12

manager   ~0000164

Yes, this looks to be an MSYS issue. You're the first to undertake this experiment, and there are obviously some issues. I can't think of an obvious way to deal with this automatically in jam. I believe you can override the jam definition of SLASH by setting it on the command line (jam -sSLASH=/). Otherwise, we looking at either a new envorinment variable, manually-editing Jamrules, or writing a test in configure and setting a new build variable. Will have to mull it over a little. We need to modify anyway to generate some sort of variable to indicate debug options, so maybe this is part of that scope.

I don't use MSYS, just the gcc and bintools core of mingw.


2005-12-23 03:15

administrator   ~0000165

Hi Jerry

So you're just running Jam from a windows cmd window? And no attempt to use ./configure under MSYS or Cygwin at this stage, I take it?



2009-06-28 01:38

administrator   ~0000566

we're not using Jam any more

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