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Summary0000080: Script windows: standard cut/copy/paste shortcuts?
Descriptionctrl-x, ctrl-c, ctrl-v should work for these actions, not the unusual F-keys. Perhaps there is a limitation in Tcl/Tk?
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2005-12-21 05:33

manager   ~0000134

^x,^C,^V are a Windows standard and should work under windows.
Under unix variants my recollection is that the default is to support the basic
emacs key bindings (^y, ^k), but that would need some checking.
With enough pain and suffering, we could expand support to make the editing
behavior configurable from gui buttons instead of in the .ascendrc where it
is configurable now.

The real answer, IMO, is to drop the tickle gui entirely and build something
based on eclipse where we get (nearly) all the code-management aspects of the
gui for free and have only to create the solver plugins.


2005-12-21 05:46

administrator   ~0000136

The following key binding are universal on the operating systems we need to worry about: Windows, Mac, KDE, GNOME.

ctrl-X, ctrl-C, ctrl-V are cut,copy,paste
ctrl-F is find
ctrl-W is close file
ctrl-O is open file
ctrl-N is new file
ctrl-P is print
ctrl-Q is quit
ctrl-Z is undo

We're talking standards-compliant GUI programs. EMACS makes no attempt whatsoever to comply with any HIG -- sets its own rules -- so it's not a standard we should be complying with.

Also, 80% of our users are Windows users. The best first step on this would be to switch to the standard that most users know.


2005-12-21 05:51

administrator   ~0000139

wrt GUIs, my view is that ASCEND shouldn't impose a code editor on users any more than a C compiler should.

The GUI should facilitate loading and solving models, and should provide lots of useful hooks for code editing tools that can communicate with ASCEND and do what the user wants.

I have been making substantial progress on a PyGTK GUI that works like this and I invite you to try it out if you're interested.


2009-05-01 17:41

administrator   ~0000499

old gui, won't fix.

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