Released 2009-05-01
0000352: [desktop-integration-linux] fix syntax highlighting for gtksourceview-2.0 (john)
0000274: [build-linux] installed location of headers should allow <ascend/compiler/whatever.h> (john)
0000242: [pygtk gui] Implement global preferences (john)
0000083: [documentation] STUDY example, page 52 (john)
0000235: [pygtk gui] after running a METHOD, icons in instance browser are not updated (john)
0000158: [pygtk gui] Colouring of fixed/free variables disappears after reload (john)
0000356: [build-linux] ascend 'relative paths' installation is broken (john)
0000338: [desktop-integration-linux] Update syntax highlighting file for GtkSourceView 2.0 (john)
0000384: [build-linux] Debian package construction: warning about unnecessary library linkages (john)
0000237: [pygtk gui] Graphical components of PyGTK GUI crash under windows (john)
0000268: [solver] merge changes to Integration API back into trunk (john)
0000260: [compiler] Change 'REQUIRE' statement to use ospath file location mechanism (john)
0000267: [pygtk gui] crash with (john)
0000263: [pygtk gui] segfault on mouseover of incidence matrix (john)
0000121: [build-system] Default environment variables should be set in base/generic, not tcltk98/generic (john)
0000215: [compiler] "Dimensionally inconsistent assignment" error should output the disagreeing dimensions (john)
0000245: [packages] No provision for external packages nested in directories (john)
0000186: [build-windows] ./configure doesn't detect ActiveState Tcl/Tk 8.3 under MinGW/MSYS (john)
0000265: [compiler] /tmp/atmlist causes problems when multiple ascend users on one machine (john)
0000156: [general] SIGINT trap makes it difficult to debug hanging processes (john)
0000220: [compiler] Migrate XXX.fixed := TRUE; to FIX XXX; in ModelLibrary (john)
0000102: [build-system] Installing with TK and models under /usr/share/ascend (john)
0000098: [documentation] File INSTALL in subversion is out of date (john)
0000255: [pygtk gui] pyGTK - ascend (does not run) (john)
0000257: [solver] solver issues error message 'inc' parameter indicating it is null (john)
0000252: [compiler] FIX/FREE broken code (john)
0000096: [build-system] Default locations for tcl/tk should be used in configure script (ben)
0000253: [build-linux] scanner(1)(c) (krishnan)
0000251: [build-linux] swig detection with SCons fails for Krishnan (john)
0000067: [tcltk-gui] Editing in the script window: DEL and Backspace wrong way around! (ben)
0000089: [compiler] gcc-style errors (john)
0000123: [documentation] convert documentation to local formats: chm, docbook etc. (john)
0000138: [compiler] standardised status reporting (john)
0000246: [build-linux] Implement buildbot nightly testing (john)
0000262: [tcltk-gui] RPM version fails to start, issue with default ASCENDDIST value? (john)
0000254: [tcltk-gui] tkTable can't be located at runtime (john)
0000179: [general] Non-ansi variadic macros (john)
0000243: [tcltk-gui] Fix Tk support in ./configure (john)
0000241: [pygtk gui] Remove xterm colour codes from console output under windows (john)
0000238: [pygtk gui] Visual clue about 'instantiable' models (john)
0000233: [pygtk gui] pygtk: 'show eligible vars' causes segfault (john)
0000232: [pygtk gui] Machine-specific file locations in ASCEND PyGTK source code (john)
0000234: [pygtk gui] Problem with creating new 'Observers' (john)
0000229: [pygtk gui] Crash on file open from PyGTK interface (john)
0000227: [pygtk gui] crash with processVarStatus (john)
0000226: [pygtk gui] fatal error: Instance tree contains illegal instance. (john)
0000231: [pygtk gui] pygtk interface startup script overrides environment variable (john)
0000192: [build-linux] ./configure option for DYNAMICS_PACKAGES (john)
0000206: [compiler] Add 'FREE varlist' to compiler (john)
0000204: [compiler] Add 'FIX varlist' to ASCEND parser (john)
0000207: [compiler] Missing stuff for 'FIX' (john)
0000145: [compiler] external statements and DYNAMIC_PACKAGES not working (john)
0000181: [build-system] ./configure --without-tcl --without-tk (john)
0000184: [build-windows] yacc and bison under MinGW (jds)
0000272: [compiler] can't instantiate plotbvp.a4l sample with PyGTK in trunk (john)
0000269: [build-linux] SCons install should install ASCEND header files (john)
0000153: [compiler] Rejuvenate support for external functions (john)
0000270: [compiler] Implement new external relation API (ben)
0000266: [compiler] DAE support with IDA (john)
0000092: [compiler] default_self "Error" should be a "Warning" (john)
0000290: [build-windows] make installation of .ascend.ini conditional in Windows install (john)
0000296: [compiler] Fix error messages in typedef.c (john)
0000277: [documentation] migrate ASC_DLLSPEC(type) macro to a simple #define (john)
0000230: [pygtk gui] Instance hierarchy loses colours and icons after 'reload' (john)
0000309: [tcltk-gui] crash on loading (ben)
0000285: [pygtk gui] hourglass after instantiation of self-titled models (john)
0000247: [build-windows] DYNAMIC_PACKAGES doesn't work on MinGW or Windows (john)
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