Released 2007-01-11
0000298: [solver] CONOPT bounds limiting doesn't work (john)
0000151: [build-linux] tcl/tk looks for packages in /usr/share not /usr/lib (john)
0000200: [packages] ascFreeAllVars should be self-registering (john)
0000363: [build-linux] the default windows use too small a font in the TclTk interface (john)
0000365: [installer-windows] scons fails to parse ascend-config fails when ASCEND installed in "c:\Program Files\ASCEND" (john)
0000236: [pygtk gui] Add a listing of all fixed variables to the GUI (john)
0000310: [build-windows] nsis step needs to be moved into a 'dist' directory. (john)
0000280: [pygtk gui] add support for the 'include' flag on relations in PyGTK interface (john)
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