Released 2011-03-16
0000510: [pygtk gui] Greying out of unnecessary menu items and buttons. (aakash)
0000528: [installer-windows] complete ASCEND installer for 64-bit systems (john)
0000553: [installer-windows] Windows installer should use system HTTP proxy setting for dependency download (john)
0000508: [compiler] Incorrect function call in safe.c
0000537: [compiler] segfault when exiting PyGTK (john)
0000330: [pygtk gui] Observer messes up when user presses 'Reload' (aakash)
0000214: [pygtk gui] Finish PyGTK 'Observer' feature (john)
0000524: [build-windows] Add support for native MinGW-64 builds for Windows 7 (john)
0000525: [build-windows] colour/color output missing in cygwin/msys console (john)
0000513: [general] Constant raised to constant evaluated incorrectly (ben)
0000360: [pygtk gui] problem with integrator selection dropdown (aakash)
0000493: [pygtk gui] Need to migrate to gtk.Builder for PyGTK GUI (aakash)
0000294: [pygtk gui] Implement 'STUDY' function in PyGTK GUI (aakash)
0000443: [build-linux] Newer GraphViz versions not compatible with ASCEND code (john)
0000460: [pygtk gui] 'time to build system' gives nonsense info (john)
0000504: [pygtk gui] GTKLIBPATH error when installing to non-root locatins (john)
0000375: [compiler] graphviz linkage should be dlopen so that it need not be present at runtime (john)
0000498: [installer-windows] windows installer fails to detect successful installation of PyGTK All-in-one (john)
0000497: [installer-windows] windows installer needs libgfortran-3.dll on Windows XP (john)
0000500: [build-windows] script 'pygtk/ascdev' infinite-looping on Windows 7 (john)
0000424: [canvas-gui] Update canvas GUI to work with latest Gaphas (grivan)
0000496: [installer-windows] Installer contains incorrect default ASCENDLIBRARY path on Windows (john)
0000495: [build-windows] ascend-config output not correctly parsed by SCons 1.3 (testing with freesteam) (john)
0000490: [pygtk gui] can't run methods on newly-loaded models (john)
0000489: [pygtk gui] error on right-click->"Select units" on wildcard units variable (john)
0000488: [compiler] "FIX L, D, P[1..n].K, eps;" fails to throw error when "n" undefined (john)
0000362: [build-linux] PyGTK interface does not recognize solver_var as a variable type (art)
0000487: [canvas-gui] create new canvas element should deselect pre-existing selection (john)
0000259: [testing] Move ospath.c and env.c tests int o a CUnit test (john)
0000486: [installer-deb] installed version of ASCEND fails to launch (python module 'ascpy' not found) (john)
0000481: [pygtk gui] don't force firefox usage in help system (john)
0000482: [compiler] invlalid memory read associated with error_reporter_end_flush (john)
0000400: [compiler] bintoken functionality broken (john)
0000239: [pygtk gui] Add 'compile to C' option in GUI (john)
0000087: [compiler] Invalid variables in a METHOD don't trip script execution (john)
0000477: [compiler] recursive automatic initialisation fails with 2 levels of depth (john)
0000476: [desktop-integration-linux] gedit highlighting of nested braces within NOTES breaks highlighting (john)
0000475: [pygtk gui] 'stop'/[X] on solver dialog doesn't correctly stop solver QRSlv (john)
0000428: [pygtk gui] in 'diagnose' window, variable names are not being displayed (john)
0000474: [compiler] bug in execute_init_fix_or_free with freeing memory that is still in use (john)
0000453: [installer-windows] Need syntax highlighting for Notepad++ (john)
0000448: [build-windows] windows build should not have 'installer' as default target (john)
0000432: [pygtk gui] splash screen does not display correctly on Windows (john)
0000431: [installer-windows] Incorrect path embedded for Tcl/Tk installer, causes error during installation (john)
0000455: [pygtk gui] Maximum iterations of 1000 hard-wired into PyGTK GUI (john)
0000454: [other] add syntax highlighting support for 'GNU nano' editor. (john)
0000451: [pygtk gui] Reload fails for models loaded with syntax error (john)
0000276: [pygtk gui] 'view clique' seems not to work in PyGTK GUI (john)
0000445: [other] Add support ASCEND syntax highlighting support to 'vim' (john)
0000413: [pygtk gui] "Methods" dropdown disappears when window is shrunk (john)
0000438: [build-windows] scons fails with error about SUNDIALS_LIBS on Windows (john)
0000439: [build-windows] Detection of G77 for building LSODE is still broken (john)
0000437: [pygtk gui] attempt to check in the absence of any simulation object (john)
0000403: [pygtk gui] Error from SWIG with versions 1.3.39, 1.3.40 (john)
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