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0000590: [build-linux] [Compile error with GCC-6.0] ascend/compiler/anoncopy.c (john)
0000592: [build-linux] 'Curve default constructor' and GCC6 (john)
0000371: [general] problem with error_reporter_tree_end if no output is made during it (john)
0000586: [compiler] string overflows buffer in WriteLogRelToString (john)
0000564: [compiler] crash in 'SetRealAtomValue' on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit (john)
0000545: [pygtk gui] Allow setting of step size in Study function (sreenatha)
0000558: [pygtk gui] commandline use 'pygtk/asdev /tmp' causes crash from parser (sreenatha)
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