Scheduled For Release 2013-06-01
0000584: [pygtk gui] integrator behaves strangely when units of 't' variable are not seconds
0000573: [pygtk gui] Error when launching PyGTK GUI if gtksourceview2 add-in is not available on machine
0000472: [compiler] slvreq: with SOLVER statement before FIX/FREE methods, model is not updated
0000516: [pygtk gui] PyGTK is not stable when large models (20,000>) are loaded
0000554: [solver] CONOPT does not return value of objective expression to browser
0000551: [mac-support] In the 0.9.8 Mac OS
0000565: [pygtk gui] error loading preferences after hibernation?
0000556: [pygtk gui] exception passing from 'slvreq' is failing
0000566: [pygtk gui] crash solving model with extpy and external relations
0000540: [pygtk gui] unresponsive solver status pop-up (john)
0000509: [compiler] Second derivative of tan() function, ie : datan2() returns wrong expression
0000326: [pygtk gui] FILE* issues with python bindings on Windows (john)
0000406: [general] crash while instantiating conditional model (john)
0000582: [fprops] cpow missing in MinGW32 (john)
0000589: [fprops] thermal conductivity code incomplete (thcond) (john)
0000588: [fprops] Reference state TPHS0 seems to have an error (john)
0000581: [installer-windows] windows: installed versions 64-bit and 32-bit don't coexist (john)
0000578: [pygtk gui] python dependency on gtksourceview2 makes problems with Windows builds (john)
0000563: [canvas-gui] canvas does not expand to fill window when window is resized (saheb)
0000557: [pygtk gui] GUI should not ask you to check for updates for first month after installing (sreenatha)
0000571: [build-linux] Invalid syntax in File "/builddir/build/BUILD/ascend/scons/", line 43 (john)
0000536: [pygtk gui] During error encountered there should be a report bug button (sreenatha)
0000548: [pygtk gui] Crash when reloading with Integrator tab open (sreenatha)
0000544: [ipopt] IPOPT fails with models/test/ipopt/test2.a4c (mahesh)
0000552: [build-windows] ASCEND in Start menu needs to have special name for 32-bit version on 64-bit Win (john)
0000435: [ipopt] extend reverse AD code for IPOPT to support external relations (mahesh)
0000491: [compiler] need to raise error if invalid extrel name found in model (john)
0000210: [compiler] ModifyTokenRelationPointers bug (from comment in relation.h) (ben)
0000429: [pygtk gui] default units often not very useful (john)
0000529: [pygtk gui] unable to delete multiple rows from Observer simultaneously (john)
0000531: [pygtk gui] Deallocation error in importhandler.c:476 (john)
0000530: [pygtk gui] Console (IPython) pane doesn't show with recent IPython versions (john)
0000586: [compiler] string overflows buffer in WriteLogRelToString (john)
0000564: [compiler] crash in 'SetRealAtomValue' on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit (john)
0000567: [compiler] error in sim_destroy in relation.c:UpdateInputArgsList
0000503: [pygtk gui] A small value is displayed next to a relation (john)
0000506: [pygtk gui] Divide by Zero error even when the divisor is non-zero (john)
0000562: [general] color.h portability messed up (john)
0000539: [pygtk gui] Option for displaying incidence graph and incidence matrix after solving a model (john)
0000535: [model-library] atoms.a4l should define displacement and velocity as variables (john)
0000534: [ipopt] Errors during make of IPOPT package (john)
0000538: [pygtk gui] crashes in revsion 4059- gives the below error maybe due to new cahnges in trunk for recent files list. (john)
0000510: [pygtk gui] Greying out of unnecessary menu items and buttons. (aakash)
0000514: [pygtk gui] Minor bug in (aakash)
0000124: [documentation] Update bug link at (art)
0000526: [general] test case utilities_ascSignal failing (john)
0000501: [build-windows] pygtk/ascdev fails to load solvers under Windows 7 (john)
0000447: [general] error in assigning units to bounds.
0000473: [pygtk gui] diagnose blocks: prev big skips block when going backwards
0000547: [pygtk gui] start and end time for integrator in PyGTK GUI should be input with units
0000450: [compiler] Add support for combined FIX and assignment statment (john)
0000545: [pygtk gui] Allow setting of step size in Study function (sreenatha)
0000558: [pygtk gui] commandline use 'pygtk/asdev /tmp' causes crash from parser (sreenatha)
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Scheduled For Release 2020-12-02
Long-term feature should be assigned to this version.
0000568: [compiler] If the statements inside a compound statement (e.g. a FOR loop) depend one on another, they are not executed.
0000532: [pygtk gui] Model reload is really slow on Win7 64-bit
0000549: [integrator] IDA can't integrate constants
0000550: [mac-support] error 'Unexpected character '#' in input' when running ascdev on OS X
0000430: [pygtk gui] sane support for degrees Celsius
0000546: [pygtk gui] Add support for custom value renderers/parsers
0000543: [pygtk gui] Add support for declaration of Observers from within METHODs
0000542: [pygtk gui] allow reordering of columns in Observer panel
0000541: [pygtk gui] in observer, allow input of values with units for fixed variables
0000517: [pygtk gui] crash when built with swigwin 2.0.4 on Windows 7 (32-bit build)
0000507: [pygtk gui] propagate var/relation 'solved' status up through model hierarchy in processVarStatus
0000505: [compiler] Add support for missing trigonometric functions cot, cosec, etc.
0000459: [pygtk gui] in Python, can't address range of array elements
0000411: [plotting] warning about repeated matplotlib.use() call
0000442: [pygtk gui] Better exception handling into PyGTK GUI
0000478: [solver] conopt solver varying the wrong variables
0000483: [compiler] fix bintoken feature for non-linux systems
0000457: [compiler] possible pointless code in execute_init_fix_or_free
0000462: [general] datareader errors with CSV data files
0000446: [mac-support] Bundling of GTK+ into Mac app is failing
0000484: [compiler] fix bintoken feature for installed versions of ASCEND
0000485: [compiler] bintoken feature should use process ID in binary file name
0000372: [installer-windows] installer fails to detect missing numpy?
0000397: [pygtk gui] separate python wrapper code from PyGTK GUI code
0000396: [pygtk gui] add 'relative paths' support to PyGTK GUI
0000402: [installer-rpm] python(abi) = 2.5 is needed by package ascend-0.9.6-0.f9.i386 (/home/daacosta/Download/ascend-0.9.6-0.f9.i386.rpm) (john)
0000190: [solver] Autodetect of BLAS (john)
0000494: [pygtk gui] SWIG error appears with swig 2.x, error with arguments of Type_getSimulation (john)
0000337: [pygtk gui] Incompatibility with various number formats in Regional Settings
0000456: [pygtk gui] METHOD error handling needs work (john)
0000423: [pygtk gui] Changing value of solved variable should force removal of 'solved' indication
0000502: [tcltk-gui] Tcl/Tk GUI is unresponsive under Windows 7 (ben)
0000331: [pygtk gui] problem with variable entry box in case of dimensionless var
0000499: [fprops] FPROPS new features
0000594: [fprops] Reference state FPROPS_REF_TPHS0 doesn't work correctly in oxygen.c (john)
0000393: [build-linux] pygtk install ignores INSTALL_PREFIX (john)
0000559: [solver] ASCEND doesn't compile against the IDA provided with Ubuntu 10.04 (SUNDIALS 2.4.0) (Ksenija)
0000165: [compiler] Wrong value in expr pdd_y1[i] = + 4 * alpha[i]^2; (ben)
0000560: [model-library] optimisation of energy system models (john)
       0000555: [ipopt] IPOPT with exact hessian fails for leastsq.a4c model (mahesh)
0000527: [general] clean up dlopen'ed files in test suites (sreenatha)
0000404: [general] memory leak with repeated reload (sreenatha)
0000275: [pygtk gui] Add --test option to PyGTK GUI (sreenatha)
0000512: [model-library] add support for EnergyPlus/ESP-r weather data format (krishnan)
0000467: [canvas-gui] parameters tab: need to be able to view NOTES (grivan)
0000421: [installer-windows] freesteam kills correct behaviour of ASCENDLIBRARY (john)
0000167: [compiler] logical expressions forced to write in simple form (ben)
0000419: [ipopt] Fix broken CUnit tests for reverse AD (mahesh)
0000415: [ipopt] Fix problem with reporting of block status (mahesh)
0000417: [ipopt] Review new ASC_DLLSPEC exported functions (mahesh)
0000418: [ipopt] ltmatix symbols Upper, Lower, Full should be renamed (mahesh)
0000420: [ipopt] Fix remaining IPOPT errors (mahesh)
0000480: [canvas-gui] Specify paramteres to initial guess (grivan)
0000441: [build-windows] pygtk/ascdev script not detecting solvers on Windows? (john)
0000469: [canvas-gui] flowsheet turning green on not a 'successfully solved' model (grivan)
0000452: [build-linux] Running the ascend binary causes an infinite loop after compilation (john)
0000468: [installer-windows] need retry button for failed download attempts in installer. (john)
0000470: [canvas-gui] view canvas generated files in PyGTK GUI (grivan)
0000458: [installer-windows] fail to install slvreq functionality on windows...? (john)
0000479: [canvas-gui] Set the Preferences of Units to the ini (grivan)
0000466: [canvas-gui] block properties dialog: non-editable items should not be shown in an edit box (grivan)
0000471: [pygtk gui] Use of sys.stdout with pythonw.exe causes silent crash (uncaught IOError) (john)
0000394: [build-linux] cunit availability repair (john)
0000416: [ipopt] Create a generic model export API and/or relation export API (mahesh)
0000221: [model-library] Add self-tests for any models in the Model Library for which expected results are known (art)
0000224: [tcltk-gui] Fix Systems Utilities Tool (jds)
0000319: [packages] sensitivity_all fails (ben)
0000225: [model-library] Test and classify the models/scripts in the ASCEND Model Library (art)
0000399: [general] invalid variable index returned by slvDOF_structsing (john)
0000295: [tcltk-gui] can't save updated ASCENDLIBRARY value via Tcl/Tk GUI. (ben)
0000351: [build-linux] doesn't build if LyX available without 'lmodern' installed (john)
0000281: [compiler] relation sharing broken for external relations (john)
0000119: [build-system] Error codes confusing (in Asc_OpenModule) (john)
0000137: [compiler] CheckInstance should return a boolean value on success (john)
0000141: [compiler] instance_io.c should use a standard data format (john)
0000202: [build-linux] pygtk interface fails to build on cygwin: can't find 'vsnprintf' function (john)
0000287: [compiler] crash with beam.a4c (john)
0000211: [compiler] 'FIX FIX FIX' in extcall.c (john)
0000278: [compiler] bad syntax in conditional models causes panic (john)
0000288: [solver] CONOPT via CMSlv doesn't report error messages in friendly format (john)
0000355: [build-windows] Build fails with MinGW GCC 4.2.1-sjlj: fails to import global variables (john)
0000368: [build-windows] on windows, SCons check for 'lmodern' fails and impedes build (john)
0000353: [general] PACKAGE metafile support for windows distribution (john)
0000373: [pygtk gui] need __contains__ operator for Python bindings of ASCEND 'set' type. (john)
0000350: [compiler] crash with invalid instance type at instantiation (john)
0000349: [pygtk gui] fix arrangement of graph in Incidence Graph output (john)
0000346: [build-windows] try using -lmscvr71 on MinGW (john)
0000336: [compiler] MAX[...] function seems to not work in a METHOD (john)
0000324: [solver] rtmaxv setting on CMSlv (john)
0000311: [packages] extpy causes gc crash on exit (john)
0000196: [pygtk gui] pygtk: unload bintoken .so when model is closed/reloaded (john)
0000203: [build-windows] ASCEND PyGTK GUI can't build on cygwin (john)
0000129: [compiler] bintoken BinTokensCreate returns no status code (john)
0000313: [pygtk gui] C++ API only exposes locally-defined methods (john)
0000248: [pygtk gui] Build fails under cygwin (john)
0000369: [solver] conopt_dl.c shouldn't be in base/generic (john)
0000250: [compiler] zip-file magic (john)
0000314: [build-system] Modify SCons build to use separate build directories (john)
0000374: [build-windows] isatty() call in scanner.l requires MSVCR.DLL, need to remove that depdcy. (john)
0000371: [general] problem with error_reporter_tree_end if no output is made during it (john)
0000460: [pygtk gui] 'time to build system' gives nonsense info (john)
0000375: [compiler] graphviz linkage should be dlopen so that it need not be present at runtime (john)
0000461: [mac-support] On MAC OS X Ascend Ignores decimal places - 0.12345 becomes 0.00000 (john)
0000239: [pygtk gui] Add 'compile to C' option in GUI (john)
0000208: [pygtk gui] Solver status callback system for GUI (john)
0000413: [pygtk gui] "Methods" dropdown disappears when window is shrunk (john)
0000301: [build-linux] scons needs '-fPIC' flag for compilation on AMD64 (ben)
0000122: [compiler] Remove verbose at-startup testing of signal handling? (john)
0000199: [build-linux] Update autoconf macros: dl-unloading, BLAS detection, Tcl/Tk detection, value of NULL etc etc. (john)
0000364: [tcltk-gui] resetting and saving new font size in solver window of TclTk interface does not make the change permanent (john)
0000249: [compiler] Current changes to Asc_DynamicLoad break 'bintoken' (john)
0000083: [documentation] STUDY example, page 52 (john)
0000213: [tcltk-gui] 'Eligible' window is system-modal and should only be application-modal (ben)
0000463: [general] Cannot start Ascend in GTK+ (john)
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Scheduled For Release 2030-01-11
If you find a bug while building from sources, please use this version, and make sure you mention a changeset number.
0000561: [general] valgrind usage (permanently open) (ben)
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Scheduled For Release 2010-04-23
0000521: [windows-specific] remove external (runtime) dependency on GSL
0000520: [windows-specific] create 64-bit builds
0000519: [windows-specific] PATH variable destroyed during install/uninstall
0000434: [numerical-routines] many functions not yet exposed via ASCEND interface (john)
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Scheduled For Release 2010-08-23
0000433: [numerical-routines] freesteam doesn't detect ASCEND on Mac
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