Scheduled For Release 2013-06-01
0000584: [pygtk gui] integrator behaves strangely when units of 't' variable are not seconds
0000573: [pygtk gui] Error when launching PyGTK GUI if gtksourceview2 add-in is not available on machine
0000472: [compiler] slvreq: with SOLVER statement before FIX/FREE methods, model is not updated
0000516: [pygtk gui] PyGTK is not stable when large models (20,000>) are loaded
0000554: [solver] CONOPT does not return value of objective expression to browser
0000551: [mac-support] In the 0.9.8 Mac OS
0000565: [pygtk gui] error loading preferences after hibernation?
0000556: [pygtk gui] exception passing from 'slvreq' is failing
0000566: [pygtk gui] crash solving model with extpy and external relations
0000540: [pygtk gui] unresponsive solver status pop-up (john)
0000509: [compiler] Second derivative of tan() function, ie : datan2() returns wrong expression
0000326: [pygtk gui] FILE* issues with python bindings on Windows (john)
0000406: [general] crash while instantiating conditional model (john)
0000582: [fprops] cpow missing in MinGW32 (john)
0000589: [fprops] thermal conductivity code incomplete (thcond) (john)
0000588: [fprops] Reference state TPHS0 seems to have an error (john)
0000581: [installer-windows] windows: installed versions 64-bit and 32-bit don't coexist (john)
0000578: [pygtk gui] python dependency on gtksourceview2 makes problems with Windows builds (john)
0000563: [canvas-gui] canvas does not expand to fill window when window is resized (saheb)
0000557: [pygtk gui] GUI should not ask you to check for updates for first month after installing (sreenatha)
0000571: [build-linux] Invalid syntax in File "/builddir/build/BUILD/ascend/scons/", line 43 (john)
0000536: [pygtk gui] During error encountered there should be a report bug button (sreenatha)
0000548: [pygtk gui] Crash when reloading with Integrator tab open (sreenatha)
0000544: [ipopt] IPOPT fails with models/test/ipopt/test2.a4c (mahesh)
0000552: [build-windows] ASCEND in Start menu needs to have special name for 32-bit version on 64-bit Win (john)
0000435: [ipopt] extend reverse AD code for IPOPT to support external relations (mahesh)
0000491: [compiler] need to raise error if invalid extrel name found in model (john)
0000210: [compiler] ModifyTokenRelationPointers bug (from comment in relation.h) (ben)
0000429: [pygtk gui] default units often not very useful (john)
0000529: [pygtk gui] unable to delete multiple rows from Observer simultaneously (john)
0000531: [pygtk gui] Deallocation error in importhandler.c:476 (john)
0000530: [pygtk gui] Console (IPython) pane doesn't show with recent IPython versions (john)
0000586: [compiler] string overflows buffer in WriteLogRelToString (john)
0000564: [compiler] crash in 'SetRealAtomValue' on ubuntu 12.04 64-bit (john)
0000567: [compiler] error in sim_destroy in relation.c:UpdateInputArgsList
0000503: [pygtk gui] A small value is displayed next to a relation (john)
0000506: [pygtk gui] Divide by Zero error even when the divisor is non-zero (john)
0000562: [general] color.h portability messed up (john)
0000539: [pygtk gui] Option for displaying incidence graph and incidence matrix after solving a model (john)
0000535: [model-library] atoms.a4l should define displacement and velocity as variables (john)
0000534: [ipopt] Errors during make of IPOPT package (john)
0000538: [pygtk gui] crashes in revsion 4059- gives the below error maybe due to new cahnges in trunk for recent files list. (john)
0000510: [pygtk gui] Greying out of unnecessary menu items and buttons. (aakash)
0000514: [pygtk gui] Minor bug in (aakash)
0000124: [documentation] Update bug link at (art)
0000526: [general] test case utilities_ascSignal failing (john)
0000501: [build-windows] pygtk/ascdev fails to load solvers under Windows 7 (john)
0000447: [general] error in assigning units to bounds.
0000473: [pygtk gui] diagnose blocks: prev big skips block when going backwards
0000547: [pygtk gui] start and end time for integrator in PyGTK GUI should be input with units
0000450: [compiler] Add support for combined FIX and assignment statment (john)
0000545: [pygtk gui] Allow setting of step size in Study function (sreenatha)
0000558: [pygtk gui] commandline use 'pygtk/asdev /tmp' causes crash from parser (sreenatha)
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