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Summary0000120: Unhelpful error message when ASCENDLIBRARY env var missing
DescriptionThe ascend executable requires the ASCENDLIBRARY environment variable, and if it's not present, then (while running ASCEND from python) I get strange error messages: In this case I get a ASCEND error -3 ('memory error') from the 'OpenModule' function whenever ASCENDLIBRARY env var is not there.

A clear error message should be provided in the case of any expected-but-not-found environment variables.

Even better, it should be possible to hard-wire default values to be used in place of missing environment variables.

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duplicate of 0000121 closedjohn Default environment variables should be set in base/generic, not tcltk98/generic 



2005-11-02 11:42

administrator   ~0000023

Regarding default environment variables, this has been implemented via tcltk98/generic/Driver.c, in the Tcl-based interface files.

TODO: move this code to the base/generic section for any environment variables used by the base/generic code.

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