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0000126ascendgeneralpublic2006-06-22 07:30
Assigned Tojohn 
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
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Summary0000126: Switch to libtool / ltdl for dynamic loading
DescriptionSwitching to libtool's ltdl might reduce the size of the codebase since I think that it provides essentially all of the functionality currently implemented at ascDynaLoad.c
Additional InformationNote also that the code currently shown in ascDynaLoad is NOT compatible with GPL: ASCEND can not be used by or distributed to users other than those with educational, research, or non-profit purposes in mind.

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2005-11-05 10:54

administrator   ~0000031


2005-11-29 07:57

administrator   ~0000051

Ben comments that there have been big problems with backward compatibility in libtool in the past, and that therefore it would need to be distributed with ASCEND for this approach to begin to be acceptable.


2006-01-04 10:15

administrator   ~0000219

I removed the Ultrix and OSF stuff from ascDynaLoad.c in changeset 194. This makes the ascDynaLoad file GPL compliant again, I think.


2006-05-10 02:29

administrator   ~0000324

The non-GPL code was removed from ascDynaload.c and also code for dead OSes was removed, so this file no longer has the bloat that it used to. Also, libtool doesn't really play with non-POSIX compilers eg MSVC++ so with SCons now in place this task doesn't seem necessary any more.


2006-06-22 07:30

administrator   ~0000379

Closed this since we don't ever plan to fix this now.

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