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0000127ascendcompilerpublic2008-02-10 13:04
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Summary0000127: Set bintoken.c to write ANSI-C
DescriptionNot sure why, but bintoken outputs Kerniighan & Ritchie style C-code. It's a minor tweak to change over to ANSI-C in the interests of standards.

I found some other K&R C-code in ASCEND as well, for example in the 'Solve' function.

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related to 0000068 closedjohn Autogenerated C code fails to compile, problems with btprolog.h ? 
related to 0000129 assignedjohn bintoken BinTokensCreate returns no status code 



2005-12-20 00:42

administrator   ~0000100

This is fixed, changed the function declarations and indenting.


2005-12-20 05:08

administrator   ~0000105

Ben writes:

We had a requirement to deal with non-ansi compilers for most of the
CMU-active life of ascend. I suspect by now even the troglodytes have upgraded
to at least c89, so we can drop that requirement and ansi-fy as convenient.

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