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0000133ascendtcltk-guipublic2008-02-10 13:04
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Summary0000133: Standardised error reporting
DescriptionA problem with the usability of ASCEND is that there is a large amount of information output to the terminal window which it runs from. One needs to monitor this terminal output to find out where ASCEND says you have errors in your code.

A standardised error reporting method would allow error messags to be distinguished from status/debugging output. A first, simple step would be to allow the user to have such errors highlighted with a colour.
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2005-11-12 05:05

administrator   ~0000035

Have created working version of 'error.h' and 'error.c' which need to be added to utilities directory. The AscConfig.h file needs to be patched to #include <error.h> and the #define FPRINTF needs to be changed to #define fprintf_error_reporter.


2005-11-12 05:12

administrator   ~0000036

This page

gives a useful example of how to create a callback function which could report errors messages to the python interface.


2005-12-06 16:03

administrator   ~0000072

A method is in place for this now and error messages are gradually being migrated to the new form.

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