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0000169ascendbuild-systempublic2009-05-01 17:39
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Summary0000169: Complete implementation of Jam build
DescriptionJerry is undertaking to complete the implementation of the Jam build for ASCEND. This means adding autoconf or autoconf-like functionality.
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2005-12-20 03:00

administrator   ~0000104

Hey Jerry

I wonder if this might be a good time to look at using libtool instead of all the custom code in ascDynaload? If you are tinkering with autoconf then perhaps it would be a good moment?



2005-12-22 02:58

administrator   ~0000154

Hi Jerry,

This build isn't working for me on FC4. A lot of linker warnings.

I used ./reconfig instead of ./configure, which is how I do the unixAC213 build. Then I went to trunk/jam and ran jam -j2 all but I got a slew of errors...

Most are linking errors:
test_ascSignal.o(.text+0x13a): In function `test_ascSignal':
test_ascSignal.c: undefined reference to `Asc_SignalInit'
test_ascSignal.o(.text+0x20a):test_ascSignal.c: undefined reference to `Asc_SignalRecover'
test_ascSignal.o(.text+0x2b3):test_ascSignal.c: undefined reference to `Asc_SignalRecover'
test_ascSignal.o(.text+0x2bb):test_ascSignal.c: undefined reference to `Asc_SignalTrap'

Some are linking errors resulting from the need for '-lf2c' with FORTRAN:
/tmp/cc3pzKY1.o(.text+0x6c3): In function `lsode_':
lsode.f: undefined reference to `d1mach_'
/tmp/cc3pzKY1.o(.text+0x1258):lsode.f: undefined reference to `xascwv_'
/tmp/cc3pzKY1.o(.text+0x1295):lsode.f: undefined reference to `xascwv_'
/tmp/cc3pzKY1.o(.text+0x12d2):lsode.f: undefined reference to `xascwv_'
/tmp/cc3pzKY1.o(.text+0x131e):lsode.f: undefined reference to `xascwv_'
/tmp/cc3pzKY1.o(.text+0x135b):lsode.f: undefined reference to `xascwv_'
/tmp/cc3pzKY1.o(.text+0x181d):lsode.f: more undefined references to `xascwv_' follow

And the usual fortran warnings:
../lsod/lsode.f:2036: warning:
    360 y(i) = h*savf(i) - (yh(i,2) + acor(i))


2005-12-22 03:10

administrator   ~0000156

Hi Jerry

Saw your changes in rev 165. What Linux do you test on? Could you maybe complete your details on our [[AvailableComputers]] page?


2005-12-22 05:31

administrator   ~0000158

Jerry writes:

Hi John;

Could you please send me

(1) the options you passed to configure

(2) copies of the generated jam/Jamrules and tcltk98/generic/Jamrules_tcltk98 files



2005-12-22 05:33

administrator   ~0000159

Here is the configure command:

[john@cruncher2 unixAC213]$ ./reconfig
./configure --prefix=/home/john/ascroot --with-fortran=g77,/usr/lib/libf2c.a --enable-gcc --with-tcl=/usr/lib/,/usr/include/tcl.h --with-tk=/usr/lib/,/usr/include/tk.h --with-wish=/usr/bin/wish --with-tktable=/usr/share/Tktable2.8/

You *should* be able to use the same thing under MinGW. You can pass environment vars to it if your Tcl/Tk or TkTable are in different places, etc.

I'll attach the generated files now.


2005-12-22 05:35

administrator   ~0000160

Last edited: 2005-12-22 05:35

Documentation of how to build ASCEND using Jam is on the wiki at [[Jam]].


2005-12-22 07:08

administrator   ~0000161

The problem here was that I hadn't used 'autoconf'. Too easy!

I will check in the resultant 'configure' script.


2005-12-23 06:23

administrator   ~0000175

I made a working Jam build of the Tcl/Tk GUI under FC3 using changeset 178. Remains to fix the windows / msys issues here now.


2009-05-01 17:39

administrator   ~0000496

Jam build no longer supported.

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