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0000175ascendsolverpublic2006-05-10 02:22
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Summary0000175: Solvers registration uses integer ID
DescriptionThe process for registering solvers is problematic in that it uses integers, and if the 'standard' solvers have not all been loaded and loaded in the correct order, then referring to solvers by their standard ID number causes problems.

For example, slv3 gives me this error:
 slv_solver_name called with unregistered index '3'

I have loaded solver slv3 but it's the only solver I have loaded, so it has ID=0.

There needs to be a better way of referring to solvers using a const char* or something like that.
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duplicate of 0000178 closedben new system is initialised with solver=3 even if there are not 3 solvers registered 
child of 0000173 closedjohn Self-testing models 



2005-12-21 11:56

administrator   ~0000146

The real problem here is bug 0000178.

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