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0000181ascendbuild-systempublic2008-02-10 13:02
Assigned Tojohn 
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.9.6 
Summary0000181: ./configure --without-tcl --without-tk
DescriptionI want to be able to compile the ASCEND libraries under MinGW, and I don't want to have to install Tcl/Tk to do this.

If we could alter the ./configure scripts so that they complete even if Tcl/Tk is not available (but with a warning, I guess), then I could proceed with a straightforward build of the PyGTK version.

At the moment that stops me from (easily) building a windows version of the PyGTK interface.

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related to 0000199 resolvedjohn Update autoconf macros: dl-unloading, BLAS detection, Tcl/Tk detection, value of NULL etc etc. 
related to 0000243 closedjohn Fix Tk support in ./configure 



2006-03-09 08:29

administrator   ~0000297

This was fixed by replacing the Tcl detection with a standard Tcl detection script, and removing Tk and TkTable detection. These need to be reintroduced (see bug 0000243).

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