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0000184ascendbuild-windowspublic2008-02-10 13:02
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Summary0000184: yacc and bison under MinGW
DescriptionUnder MinGW it appears that even if you install 'bison', you don't get a version of 'yacc' that the Jam build can find. I get a message

'yacc is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file'

the command which Jam attempts to run is

yacc -d ../base/generic/compiler/ascParse.y

On my system bison and yacc are both installed in /mingw/bin/ -- I presume that's standard?

Additional InformationMinGW does not supply yacc. Neither does it supply lex/flex sed, which are also necessary for the complete build.

I expect these are available under Cygwin, but the build is not tested under Cygwin so it may not work.

All these tools are, however, available for general Win32 use in one form or another. I use the gnuWin32 tools ( They need to be installed the path, and the Jamrules tool variables need to point to the correct executable name.

jds 15-Jan-2006
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child of 0000169 resolvedjds Complete implementation of Jam build 



2005-12-23 03:51

administrator   ~0000167

I think this might be another one of those MSYS issues.


2006-01-17 04:31

administrator   ~0000231

Hi Jerry

It seems that these tools recently have been added to MinGW. Please refer to the 'MSYS developer toolkit' at

There you have autoconf, automake, libtool and bison.

Flex is still missing; it is suggested that you use GnuWin32's flex, which is what you said.



2006-03-08 02:48

administrator   ~0000293

MinGW (MSYS) provides bison/yacc as an optional download from their website.
flex is available as a package from GnuWin32.
For full details see [[PythonGUIOnWindows]].
I'll close this bug now since this problem has been resolved at least on the MSYS/MinGW autotools build.

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