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0000186ascendbuild-windowspublic2008-02-10 13:03
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.9.6 
Summary0000186: ./configure doesn't detect ActiveState Tcl/Tk 8.3 under MinGW/MSYS
DescriptionIs there something we can change in trunk/base/autotools/ so that this works?

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related to 0000199 resolvedjohn Update autoconf macros: dl-unloading, BLAS detection, Tcl/Tk detection, value of NULL etc etc. 



2005-12-22 11:50

administrator   ~0000163

Here is the ./configure output:

John@BOUDICA ~/src/ascend/base/autotools
$ ./reconfig
./configure --prefix=/home/John/ascroot --with-fortran=g77,/usr/lib/libf2c.a --enable-gcc --with-tcl=/c/Tcl/lib/tcl83.lib,/c/Tcl/include/tcl.h --with-tk=/c/Tcl/lib/tk83.lib,/c/Tcl/include/tk.h --with-wish=/c/Tcl/bin/wish --with-tktable=/c/Tcl/share/Tktable82/Tktable82.lib


checking for printf in -lnsl... no
checking for dlopen in -ldl... no
checking for tcl library... /c/Tcl/lib/tcl83.lib
checking whether /c/Tcl/lib/tcl83.lib is for Tcl8.3... yes
checking for tcl header... /c/Tcl/include/tcl.h
checking whether /c/Tcl/include/tcl.h is for version 8... yes
checking for tk library... /c/Tcl/lib/tk83.lib
checking whether /c/Tcl/lib/tk83.lib is for Tk8.3... no
checking for a dynamically loaded Tk8.0 library
checking for Tk_NameOfFont in -ltk8.0... no
checking for Tk_NameOfFont in -ltk80... no
checking for a dynamically loaded Tk8.3 library
checking for Tk_NameOfFont in -ltk8.3... no
checking for Tk_NameOfFont in -ltk83... no
checking for Tk_NameOfFont in -ltk... no
configure: error: Cannot find a compatiable Tk library.
        You must build and install Tk version 8.3 or newer before you
        can build ASCEND. If you have installed the correct version
        of Tk, run configure again with the argument:
        where LIBRARY and HEADER are the full paths to the Tk8.3
        library file and header file, respectively.


2005-12-23 08:16

manager   ~0000178

Adjust asc_tcl_library_dirs and asc_tk_library_dirs
to include places that should be searched under windows if there are standards.
Alternatively, if windows has a path which i'm not sure it reliably does,
add the path variable to the AC_PATH_PROGS invocations that do the checking.
While I was at cmu, tickle was never in a standard place in the window environments we encountered.


2005-12-23 08:18

manager   ~0000179

In general we tended in the past to err on the side of making the user
be specific and explicit about their tcl. Frequently there is more than
one version around and assuming-which-one==you-lose.


2005-12-23 09:02

administrator   ~0000184

Reminder sent to: ben

Observe that in my './configure' command I had actually explicitly told configure where the Tcl libraries were. The problem is not that the files were not found, it is that configure rejected them... it seemed to me that the problem was occurring somewhere like this, in

# verify the TK_LIB
if test ! "X$TK_LIB" = X_searching ; then
    AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether $TK_LIB is for Tk8.0])
    AC_TRY_LINK( , [Tk_NameOfFont()], , [TK_LIB=_searching]);
    if test "X$TK_LIB" = X_searching ; then


2005-12-23 11:12

manager   ~0000195

I suggest checking the tickle config blocks under autotools
against those in the unixac213 for updates you may
want to port into the autotools version. But those won't solve the problem here.
Looks like the problem here is windows/mingw/msys specific.

Our configure at cmu, from which autotools at least started,
was never extended to cygwin, mingw, etc. Typically one end's up
with what may as well be a complete separate configure script for
windows to deal with cygwinisms (and probably mingw) in autoconf.
Our windows build was almost always through nmake or visual studio.


2006-05-10 02:50

administrator   ~0000329

I think this works now. In any case it works on the SCons build so I'm happy.

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