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0000190ascendsolverpublic2009-05-01 17:58
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Summary0000190: Autodetect of BLAS
DescriptionThe configuration file at present allows BLAS libraries to be manually specified. Most Fedora systems already include BLAS meaning that it should be possible to detect that and use it instead. I'm not yet familiar with how to code this stuff in, but it would be good if we could do this. I'm thinking that it might be feasible to eliminate the need for fortran compilation in cases where all the required prerequisites are present as static libraries already in the system...

Related to this is the issue of replacing LINPACK with LAPACK, which I will link to this bug.
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related to 0000199 resolvedjohn Update autoconf macros: dl-unloading, BLAS detection, Tcl/Tk detection, value of NULL etc etc. 
related to 0000099 closedjohn Update to use LAPACK instead of LINPACK 



2005-12-23 04:16

administrator   ~0000169

Partial solution submitted as rev 176.
The ./reconfig script will use /usr/lib/libblas.a if it is present.


2005-12-23 08:36

manager   ~0000180

If we are referring to the new autotools builds (2.59 based)
ACX_BLAS may be the way to go here. Don't try making the ac213 stuff
much more clever in this regard. as you can see from the
internals of the acx_blas implementation it's harder than
one might first imagine to get blas right.


2005-12-23 09:11

administrator   ~0000185

Reminder sent to: ben

As there were no files in the unixAC25x directory, I removed that directory from subversion. The new autotools directory at trunk/base/autotools is just a renamed unixAC213 directory, plus newer versions of files in autotools/config that I obtained from GNU autoconf 2.59.

I'm a definite autoconf newbie so if you could point out where I can see this ACX_BLAS thing, that would be great.

Probably there are lots of issues with the current autotools build and using autoconf-2.59 to run it. If you notice any problems, do let me know. But it works for me so far.



2005-12-23 11:18

manager   ~0000196

google will point you at various archives containing acx_blas and other
autoconf macros. Finding the most recent update and packaging of
autoconf extensions is sometimes tricky. Often you end up
stealing them and putting them in your own config/ directory
used to build configure.
is one place.


2005-12-23 11:22

manager   ~0000197

I expect most of the issues porting ascend up to ac2.59 will be
relatively simple, ascend being just c and fortran. a few ac macros
changed arguments.
 The most likely area of breakage would be around
tcl/tk i suspect if we've sucked in tickle's dynamic loading detection
to ascend's configure. There we probably want to shift to libtool anyway
for building, even if we continue to dlopen the old way and not use ltdl.


2005-12-23 12:29

administrator   ~0000201

Thanks for the link -- that will be really useful.


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