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0000242ascendpygtk guipublic2011-06-23 10:51
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Target Version0.9.7Fixed in Version0.9.6 
Summary0000242: Implement global preferences
DescriptionIn addition to the ~/.ascend.ini preferences file, there should perhaps be another file that contains site-specific settings such as the location of the model library, the location of external libraries, etc.

On Windows, the Registry could possibly be used for this; or else another .ini file perhaps in the same directory as the executable could be used.

When uninstalling, the global preferences file would be overwritten but the per-user configuration files would be untouched.
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2009-05-01 17:57

administrator   ~0000508

This is done via Windows registry and Linux config.h etc files. Tcl/Tk GUI has relative paths features, this needs to be ported to Python API too.

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