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0000280ascendpygtk guipublic2008-02-10 13:00
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.9.5.x 
Summary0000280: add support for the 'include' flag on relations in PyGTK interface

You do not give me access to set/reset the include flag for relations,
which is a feature of modeling that I do use at times. When I am
developing a model, I will often turn off a relation to test what its
not being there does to the model. It would seem to be a pretty easy
thing to add to the list of properties.

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2006-08-23 13:25

administrator   ~0000389

Reminder sent to: art

Hi Art

I've made a note of your request here in the bug tracker. This wasn't a feature I had used, but I can see that it would be useful at times for debugging, so I'll add it when I get a chance.



2007-06-12 05:32

administrator   ~0000430

Reminder sent to: art


2007-06-12 05:33

administrator   ~0000431

this is resolved. tested that I was able to disable the 'MAXIMIZE' statement in an optimisation model and then solve with QRSlv.

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