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0000287ascendcompilerpublic2009-05-01 17:58
Assigned Tojohn 
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Target Version1.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000287: crash with beam.a4c
DescriptionThe attached code gives a crash with the current Windows version of ASCEND PyGTK. The error appears to be in the compiler, so I can't see that it's gui specific.
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2006-09-09 06:43



2006-09-09 06:45

administrator   ~0000392

Note that this model depends on the models directory as at changeset 1031 (not part of the distributed versions of ASCEND).


2006-09-09 07:05

administrator   ~0000393

The bug also occurs in the current branches/extfn SVN version on Linux, with the following output:

[john@cruncher2 pygtk]$ ./ascend ../models/johnpye/beam.a4c
/usr/bin/ascend ?
Launching... /usr/bin/python --pygtk-assets=glade/ --library=../mo
Using python module numarray
PATH = /home/john/src/ascend/models FROM commandline
base/generic/utilities/ascSignal.c:173 (ascresetneeded): SIGINT trap bypassed: c
base/generic/utilities/ascSignal.c:196 (ascresetneeded): SIGSEGV trap bypassed: compile-time settings.
base/generic/compiler/extfunc.c:368 (AddExternalFunc): Adding external function 'asc_free_all_variables' (at 0x85bb1e0).
base/generic/solver/slv_stdcalls.c:1309 (SlvRegisterStandardClients): Solver 'QR Slv' registered OK
base/generic/solver/conopt.c:109 (asc_conopt_load): LOADING CONOPT...
base/generic/solver/conopt.c:117 (asc_conopt_load): Using default conopt search path: /usr/lib
base/generic/utilities/ascDynaLoad.c:635 (SearchArchiveLibraryPath): ENV VAR NOT FOUND, FALLING BACK TO DEFAULT SEARCH PATH = '/usr/lib'
base/generic/utilities/ascDynaLoad.c:538 (test_librarysearch): SEARCHING FOR /us r/lib/
base/generic/solver/slv_stdcalls.c:1309 (SlvRegisterStandardClients): Solver 'CO NOPT' registered OK
base/generic/solver/slv_stdcalls.c:1309 (SlvRegisterStandardClients): Solver 'CM Slv' registered OK
base/generic/solver/slv_stdcalls.c:1309 (SlvRegisterStandardClients): Solver 'LR Slv' registered OK
GLADE_FILE = glade/
base/generic/compiler/module.c:989 (ModuleSearchPath): File '../models/johnpye/b eam.a4c' opened directly, without path search
Note: Module beam.a4c<0>: Module for '../models/johnpye/beam.a4c' created OK.
Note: Beginning parse of beam.a4c<0>...
Note: ...yyparse of beam.a4c<0> completed.
Note: 2 library entries loaded from '../models/johnpye/beam.a4c'
Listing 4 modules containing defined types
 - basemodel.a4l<0>
 - system.a4l<0>
 - atoms.a4l<0>
 - beam.a4c<0>
Options: {'assets_dir': 'glade/', 'model': None, 'library_path': '../models', ' auto_sim': True}
Type beam, getSimulation('beam_sim')
base/generic/compiler/createinst.c:716 (CreateRelationInstance): Creating relati on instance at 0x87d0e58 with NULL rel ptr
python: base/generic/compiler/instantiate.c:9772: Pass2ExecuteForStatements: Ass ertion `return_value' failed.
./ascend: line 63: 2240 Aborted $cmd
[john@cruncher2 pygtk]$


2006-09-10 02:21

administrator   ~0000394

The problem here appears to be an incorrectly placed 'assert' statement in instantiate.c.


2006-09-11 02:46

administrator   ~0000395

Ben says this 'assert' is fine and the error is only getting this far because checkrels or checkfors is turned off.

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