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0000295ascendtcltk-guipublic2010-03-23 18:30
Assigned Toben 
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Summary0000295: can't save updated ASCENDLIBRARY value via Tcl/Tk GUI.
DescriptionOn Windows, I was unable to save an updated ASCENDLIBRARY value via Tcl/Tk GUI. I wanted to change the value to E:\ascend\models, but it reverted each time I launched ASCEND.
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2009-05-14 07:04

manager   ~0000529

this appears to be true (and deeply annoying) on linux also. probably a feature leftover from the cmu environment where the package installations always had at least a base value of the variable set.


2009-05-14 07:25

manager   ~0000531

actually, the feature is that no env vars ascend uses are saved and loaded from ascend-config. (Note name clash!). We should probably revise the policy such that
env var derived values are saved and iff not defined in environment they will be reloaded from ascend-config. As usual, the problem is that the ascend-config data file needs a new functionality to be able to determine if the original env (and not the binary-startup-modified env) originally contained the env var.


2009-05-14 10:54

administrator   ~0000534

ascend-config is a compile-time generated file; it contains the same stuff as is embedded in utilities/

Tcl/Tk GUI provides support for 'floating' installation, where all file locations are relative to the top directory; allowing a portable installation, eg on a USB stick. But this is only partially supported.

Supporting file locations acress Windows, Linux, Tcl/Tk and PyGTK has been a difficult challenge and I expect some more bug fixes to be required. Also, the interaction of env vars, config files, and user preference files (~/.ascend.ini for PyGTK, ascdata for Tcl/Tk) adds to the complexity.


2009-05-14 14:42

administrator   ~0000537

Are you saying that there is *another* 'ascend-config' that is not an executable script? Where is it stored?


2009-05-15 05:51

manager   ~0000541

~/ascdata/ascend-config has been around since about 1996. but we can rename it as it's a database file.

I suggest maybe it's a good time to resolve and unify some of this startup mess a little.
~/.ascend.ini --> ~/ascdata/ascend-py.ini
~/ascdata/ascend-config --> ~/ascdata/ascend-tcl-config
~/.ascendrc --> ~/ascdata/ascend-tcl.rc

And, conceivably, we should be thinking of making ~/ascdata alternatives a commandline startup parameter that can be used to tell what tree to start in.
Something like "ascend[4] --project=X" where X by default is ~/ascdata.
If X is a directory without ascend config files in it, we can populate it from
the defaults ~/ascdata would normally be set up with (or we can clone the
~/ascdata settings if it is there).
If distinguishing stuff at the filename level bugs you, we can subdivide under
the top X with X/py/ and X/tcl/.


2009-05-15 15:59

administrator   ~0000543

I don't have an ascend-config file... can you post yours here for information?

Also, what do you have in your .ascendrc file?

Worth mentioning that file locations are different on Windows.

I would like to see ascdata disappear. I think that such files should be in a folder named ~/.ascend instead, and users should be encouraged to create their own folder structure for their own models, rather than having one imposed upon them. Imposing a mandatory *visible* folder in a user's home directory is bad form, I think.

You suggestion of --project=X seems unnecessary to me, I'd prefer to direct users to something like

  export ASCENDLIBRARY=~/mymodels
  ascend mymodel1.a4c

instead. This already works. With the Python interface, it's clever enough to add the default model directory to the ASCENDLIBRARY paths if it's missing.


2009-05-19 09:51

administrator   ~0000545

Ben, you said you fixed this bug in changeset 2276... what was the fix?

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