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0000326ascendpygtk guipublic2013-02-26 13:42
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Summary0000326: FILE* issues with python bindings on Windows
DescriptionThe code that writes matrices and textfiles to FILE* pointers passed from Python is not correct on Windows, due to different FILE* structures used by MinGW GCC and Python-for-Windows, which is built with MSVC.

A solution *may* exist, else filenames should be passed instead.
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parent of 0000375 resolvedjohn graphviz linkage should be dlopen so that it need not be present at runtime 



2007-03-28 00:56

administrator   ~0000423

Much discussion on this on the MinGW list, no really good solutions apparent at this stage. It is a strictly windows-based problem.

Ben advises use of a string-based mechanism instead, which is probably sensible.


2007-06-12 05:14

administrator   ~0000427

an error message is thrown on windows so that a crash is avoided. won't fix until new version of MinGW comes out with linkage to correct MSVCRT.


2011-04-04 14:52

administrator   ~0000709

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Bringing this error back to life; it's the blocker for bug 0000375.

Graphviz functionality could be restored by passing a temporary filename instead of a FILE*, perhaps. We could wrap MSVCR*.dll FILE* functions for use from Python...

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