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0000375ascendcompilerpublic2011-04-04 14:53
Assigned Tojohn 
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Target Version1.0Fixed in Version0.9.8 
Summary0000375: graphviz linkage should be dlopen so that it need not be present at runtime
DescriptionWe make use of the library GraphViz to plot cool dependency graphs from ASCEND, showing how the block lower-triangular structure actually leads to a calculation process for the user's model.

Currently, if you build against GraphViz, the it results in libascend functionality that links directly to GraphViz. This is bad architecture -- this stuff is not core ASCEND functionality and shouldn't require linking from libascend. We should move the graphviz stuff out into an 'external library' (ASCEND plugin) and invoke all the necessary GraphViz calls from there.

Problem is that this might require some small enhancements to the current ASCEND API for external libraries, eg so that GUI menu items can be aware of whether or not a certain feature is operable.

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related to 0000443 resolvedjohn Newer GraphViz versions not compatible with ASCEND code 
child of 0000326 confirmedjohn FILE* issues with python bindings on Windows 



2010-04-06 20:55

administrator   ~0000622

I have been told that more recent releases of GraphViz use a different API to the 'agraph' one used in the current ASCEND. As part of this bug-fix, it might be appropriate to review this issue as well.


2011-03-23 09:12

administrator   ~0000695

Some patches for dlopen behaviour submitted to the ascend-sim-users mailing list by Divyanshu Bandil. We are in the process of checking the proposed changes on an Ubuntu 10.10 VM.


2011-03-23 16:41

administrator   ~0000696

This is fixed as of changeset 3318, although testing on Windows is still required.


2011-04-04 14:53

administrator   ~0000710

Fixed, although bug 0000326 still prevents use on Windows.

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