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0000394ascendbuild-linuxpublic2011-01-09 19:13
Assigned Tojohn 
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Summary0000394: cunit availability repair
DescriptionPart of our testing processes (cunit) appears to be dead/unsupported and certainly not part of standard packages on linux platforms. As it appears a certain suspicious person has joined the cunit sourceforge project ( :-) ) we should perhaps
consider doing the cunit packaging/maintenance as part of the regular ascend work so that our users can be told to run the tests themselves if they are not using a binary package that's already been tested.
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2009-05-15 15:51

administrator   ~0000542

Very suspicious, indeed. I noticed that CUnit was effectively not being maintained by anyone, and the main released version contained a bug that affected my ability to use it as I wished. So I was added.

CUnit *is* available on Ubuntu, search for libcunit1-dev on current systems. As I recall, it was also available on Fedora, but I'm not certain about that. Not sure about SUSE.

I have used CUnit on Windows, but only in the console form.

A new release of CUnit that fixes the bug mentioned above would be a rather good thing; alternatively, we could move to a bespoke testing code.


2011-01-09 19:13

administrator   ~0000664

There have been some excellent contributions to CUnit recently by another new member of the CUnit project. I thing that a new release should certainly be considered.

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