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0000429ascendpygtk guipublic2013-02-26 13:39
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Summary0000429: default units often not very useful
DescriptionIn the PyGTK GUI, the default units used to represent values are not very useful. For example, the GUI shows units of energy rate using some combination of m, kg, s instead of W, which would be much more intuitive and expected.

The problem is that the units system is completely automated, so there is no single clear place where should place these default units of measurement.

An idea might be to use the ATOM declaration for each particular type description. We could use the units of the specified default value, assuming we can access that data from the PyGTK GUI. Perhaps some C-level code would be required to implement this. But it shouldn't be too hard, and it would help a lot for new users.

(Note that ASCEND remembers a user's preferred units of measurement for each atom type, so this bug is less annoying for regular users).
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related to 0000479 assignedgrivan Set the Preferences of Units to the ini 



2012-02-06 05:33

administrator   ~0000814

Saheb Motiani is working on this.

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