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Summary0000430: sane support for degrees Celsius
DescriptionWe need some way to deal with degrees Celsius in ASCEND. Although it's fine for all the internal workings to be done with Kelvin, Kelvin is a very unintuitive measure, especially for user input.

The problem with providing support for Kelvin, however, is that the units conversion system currently has no support for 'relative' versus 'absolute' measurement scales, so there is no way to implement an offset between the two unit systems. (Ditto the Fahrenheit and Rankine scales).

A solution to this could be worked out at the C code level, or else could be worked out at the Python GUI layer, alternatively.

Note that a delta-T of 5 °C equals 5 K, but an absolute temperature value of 5 °C equals 278.15 K. So the way that the unit conversion should be done depends on whether the value is a 'delta_temperature' type or a 'temperature' type.

The °C vs K thing would need to work with the current units-of-measurement selector, input, output, etc. So it should be done carefully and in a rigorous way if possible.
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2012-04-19 08:25

manager   ~0000870

Email from: Ben Allan <>

We can introduce a concept of IOUnit to the UIs, but it does not
belong in the compiler or the ascend language-- it's purely a utility
library (preferably in C, but python acceptable. It could leverage (by
wrapping) another library which supports many goofball conversions and
converting to/from our SI representation.

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