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0000461ascendmac-supportpublic2011-04-04 14:33
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Summary0000461: On MAC OS X Ascend Ignores decimal places - 0.12345 becomes 0.00000
DescriptionOn Mac OS X 10.5.8 Ascend Ignores all decimal places - 0.12345 becomes 0.00000

This can lead to horrible "Division by zero" errors.

A way to work around this, is for example to define {PI} as 314159265e-8.
However all those provided models, like those in the "ben" folder contining all those UNIFAC factors, are virtually not usable as there are hundereds of numbers I would have to convert manually. Opening them causes about a hundred "Division by zero" errors.
Also using american units (feet, gallons...) does not work without converting all the factors in measures.a4l.

The problem only appears when I open a file with Ascend - if I just change a factor in the ascend user interface and use some 2.345 number, everything is fine.

It also did not work when I changed my regional settings to English (UK).

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duplicate of 0000337 acknowledged Incompatibility with various number formats in Regional Settings 



2010-05-31 20:03

reporter   ~0000649

Ok - when I change the default number format in my system (System Preferences -> Interantional -> Formats) and change it from German to english, everything is fine... it's not a really big glitch but quite disturbing for new european users that don't know the problem.

Seems to be the same Bug like 0000337


2011-04-04 14:33

administrator   ~0000707

It's a duplicate, and in changeset 337, a warning (error) message has been added when the GUI starts up.

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