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0000507ascendpygtk guipublic2011-06-15 13:04
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Summary0000507: propagate var/relation 'solved' status up through model hierarchy in processVarStatus
DescriptionThere is information from the solver that can be used to mark parts of a complex model solved, active or unsolved. This would help hugely with debugging, as one would quickly and visually be led to the part where solution has failed, and the variables which are causing problems.

The idea would be to add more 'interface pointer' metadata to model instances, and to use that to add an icon next to the associated rows of the gtk.TreeView.

One would need to do a depth-first traversal. A model containing only solved models, variables and relations could also be marked solved. A model containing and active models, variables and relations would always be marked active. All other models would be unsolved (ie the solver had yet reached that stage of the problem).

Would need to think about how this works with conditional models. Might not be any different, not sure.

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related to 0000423 confirmed Changing value of solved variable should force removal of 'solved' indication 


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