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0000518ascendpygtk guipublic2011-08-17 22:26
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PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS Version7
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Summary0000518: fail to plot on Windows 7 after STUDY in PyGTK GUI
DescriptionWhen plotting using the new STUDY functionality in PyGTK in trunk r3765, I get an error. It makes it impossible to plot data in Windows 7, even though it seems to work fine with Ubuntu.

Steps To ReproduceBuild ASCEND installer as outlined in ASCEND wiki (or Aakash, use the installer that I have sent you just now).

1. download and expand the TMY file as described in models/johnpye/datareader/testtmy.a4c.
2. open the above model file
3. observe 't'
4. observe 'Gbnc'
5. run a study on t from 0d to 10d with 240 steps, and 'on_load' run at each step.
6. click 'plot' and select the default options

Error message is as attached.
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2011-08-16 22:27


snip-for-aakash.PNG (27,898 bytes)
snip-for-aakash.PNG (27,898 bytes)


2011-08-16 22:28

administrator   ~0000762

PS this STUDY functionality is rather slow. Perhaps it would be sped up by only doing a gtk 'refresh'/'redraw' every second so?


2011-08-16 23:02

administrator   ~0000764

hi aakash -- what do you think was the cause of this bug? why does checking for 'truth' not give the same as checking for non-empty string?

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