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0000531ascendpygtk guipublic2013-02-26 13:39
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PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version0.9.8 
Target Version0.9.9Fixed in Version 
Summary0000531: Deallocation error in importhandler.c:476
DescriptionNot sure if this is a 64-bit Windows issue, or more generally appears anytime when you build the installed binaries with MALLOC_DEBUG turned on via SCons.

The error is "ascfreef called on a deallocated piece of memory. Called from file: ascend\compiler\importhandler.c on line 476".

The same error comes from lines 374.

There is another error "malloc returned a piece of memory that is already being used. Called from ascend\utilities\ascEnvVar.c on line 518."

The test file that showed this was models/johnpye/fprops/combinedcycle_fprops.a4c in the FPROPS2 branch at changeset 4033, but it possibly/probably appears with this and other files in the trunk branch, needs to be tested.

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2012-10-02 06:25

manager   ~0000919

nearly anything reported by malloc_debug (certainly a double free) should be shown by valgrind under linux as well without malloc_debug turned on.


2012-10-02 09:15

administrator   ~0000920

Email from: John Pye <>

Hi Ben

I think that part of what was happening here was that I had out-of-sync
binaries, some with MALLOC_DEBUG on, and some with it off. After fixing
that and breaking it down more, I'm on to which
seems far more puzzling to me.

I'd welcome your suggestions on how to fix that.


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