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Summary0000546: Add support for custom value renderers/parsers
DescriptionIn the PyGTK GUI, we currently support a wide range of values to be input, in formats like NNNN UUUU where NNNN is a number, and UUUU is a string that can be parsed as units of measurement, providing the components of the string (eg Pa*s) are known (ie "Pa" and "s" are registered from measures.a4l).

This is useful, but not sufficiently flexible to allow meaningful input/output of some more advanced measurements:
* dates
* times
* angles in degrees/minutes/seconds, eg latitude and longitude
* temperatures in °C and °F
* time intervals (days, hours, minutes, seconds)
* measurements in decibels?

In cases where it is possible to define a reversible mapping from a string to a real number it should be possible for use to allow rendering and input of values in these more complex formats.

The suggsted approach would be some form of markup in the ATOM description for variables of these types, then a layer in the GUI that checks for the additional markup, and allows its use if the user desires it.

It's not clear yet how we could integrate this with the existing 'preferred units' selection mechanism, but clearly it would have to be integrated with that in some non-conflicting way.
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