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0000550ascendmac-supportpublic2012-04-21 08:03
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PlatformLionOSLion 1.07OS VersionMacOS
Product Version0.9.8 
Target Version1.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0000550: error 'Unexpected character '#' in input' when running ascdev on OS X
DescriptionIn the ./pygtk/asdev:a to 6 lines have problems:

Error in definition

In the compiler:
/compiler/ascParse.py2854 Further reports of this error will be suppressed
./pygtk/asdev 13-17 Unexpected character '#' in input (ASCII 35). If you

Python problem with property dint find GtkMenuBar.ubuntu-local.

I think som problems is for clean code for os o make more independent from other OS
Steps To Reproduce./pygtk/ascdev
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2012-04-21 08:02

administrator   ~0000875

I suspect that somehow the script is failing to correctly separate the command-line arguments, such that somehow the Python script (ascdev) is being passed to ASCEND to be opened as though it were an ASCEND file?

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