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0000065ascendtcltk-guipublic2009-05-01 17:36
Assigned Toben 
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Summary0000065: Cancelling a 'Read file' command gives error dialog
DescriptionFrom the 'Scripts' window, I choose 'file open' then click 'cancel'. I get

Error: can't read "asc_tkfbox(cancelled)": no such variable

Seems like a possible clash with the version of Tk 8.3?
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2006-01-18 19:13

administrator   ~0000247

Reminder sent to: ben

Hi Ben

I wonder if there might be a quick-and-easy fix for this one. I see it with Tcl/Tk 8.3.5 on FC4, presumably you do too, unless you're using an older Tcl/Tk?



2006-01-24 09:38

manager   ~0000257

I've run into that thing. The fix isn't easy or quick or i would have done it.
We need a general upgrade to tcl 8.4 now that it seems to be mainstream in
all the linux distributions and available on the weird bigiron machines
I use.


2006-01-24 14:17

administrator   ~0000260

Well I'll roll this bug under the 'upgrade Tcl/Tk' bug, assuming that you won't tackle it in isolation from that.


2009-05-01 17:36

administrator   ~0000491

not fixing Tcl/Tk issues

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