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0000067ascendtcltk-guipublic2008-02-10 13:03
Assigned Toben 
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.9.6 
Summary0000067: Editing in the script window: DEL and Backspace wrong way around!
DescriptionFor some reason, when I try to edit in the Script window, Del works like Backspace and Backspace works like Del. Very confounding!

I remember this issue occurring on old xterms, it was set by some kind of key mapping. Presumably Tcl/Tk has a mechanism in place for this, since there's no problem in the file dialogs etc.
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2006-01-18 19:14

administrator   ~0000248

Reminder sent to: ben

Hi Ben

Wondered if you've seen this bug as well. Editing in the script window gives bksp and del keys wrong way around. Could be another Tcl/Tk 8.3.5 incompatibility I guess.



2006-01-24 01:30

manager   ~0000250

There is indeed a workaround already in the system to let the user pick
which mapping they prefer or need to get around their x environment or
now if i can just remember where we put it...

proc set_cmuBindings
contains several workarounds for various platforms some of which
may need updating with additional special cases
(perhaps by tk version) or some of which you may wish to steal and
put in your own .ascendrc to avoid commiting code that is your-workstation
specific. The persistent problem with del/bksp is that
keyboard makers and workstation vendors have never agreed on
a standard for where del/bksp are on the keyboard and what
each means. Thus many users are in the habit of defining
them by exception in their X environments (not that i'm one of these).



2006-01-24 03:43

administrator   ~0000251

This problem is with Fedora Core 3 and Fedora Core 4 on two different machines. I suspect there is a problem with the 'environment sniffing' in Linux, rather than a workstation-specifc thing. My input locale is US-english.

I have no problems like this in any other program on FC3/FC4 - presumably it *has* been standardised now, but somehow ASCEND isn't using the 'standardised' routines, or something?



2006-05-16 07:02

administrator   ~0000337

Reminder sent to: ben

Hi Ben

Of all the bugs that I filed in Mantis against the Tcl/Tk interface, this is probably the only critical one for our next release. Have you been able to reproduce this with FC4/FC5?



2006-05-17 00:08

administrator   ~0000338

Ben commited possible fix, changeset 677. Needs testing.


2006-05-17 00:55

administrator   ~0000341

Tested this on FC4. It's working now. Thanks Ben!

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