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0000070ascendtcltk-guipublic2009-05-01 17:37
Assigned Toben 
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Summary0000070: File.Exit always requires confirmation
DescriptionIt shouldn't be necessary to always confirm exit. If I have not solved anything, and I have no unmodified files, then I should be able to exit without confirming.
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related to 0000069 closedjohn Can't quit from console 



2006-06-05 16:33

manager   ~0000360

ascend is not an all-encompassing IDE. In particular, tcltk interface is not in the
code editor development business with a 1000 little file event listeners
tracking things such that the information needed to suppress the
exit query is available. If that functionality is needed, an eclipse-based
IDE for ascend should be developed, along with more modern parse tools,
namespace syntax, etc.

The hurried user may of course simply type 'exit' at the console prompt
and be spared the shutdown/cleanup.

This issue should be closed, but since I didn't open it, I'm just marking
it resolved. A new issue (provide Eclipse IDE) might be opened elsewhere.


2009-05-01 17:37

administrator   ~0000492

not fixing Tcl/Tk RFEs

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