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0000087ascendcompilerpublic2011-01-09 22:07
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Target Version0.9.7Fixed in Version0.9.8 
Summary0000087: Invalid variables in a METHOD don't trip script execution
DescriptionI have a method

    METHOD specify;
        equilibrated.fixed := TRUE;
        str.P.fixed := TRUE;
        str.T.fixed := TRUE;
        std.f.fixed := TRUE;
    END specify;

Which attempts to set the variable std.f.fixed which does NOT exist.

When attempting to run this method from the script window, execution is NOT stopped when this error is encountered, which means that the script execution process is not suitable for debugging complex models.

Is the ON ERROR STOP thing possibly of use here?
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2005-12-27 01:34

manager   ~0000212

There's quite a bit of machinery dedicated to method debugging
hanging about in the compiler directory. I'm sure
getting it interfaced to tcl so that I can provide interesting examples via
the current ascend was never completed.


2005-12-27 01:38

manager   ~0000213

Incidentally, yes,
Library -> options -> ignore stop...
should be turned off. It seems to default to on.
The default is strange, but my recollection was the
majority of cmu users preferred it because it lets
them be more sloppy in their writing of test models
to have the errors printed but keep going with the
rest of the initialization and find other errors too.
Of course if the error messages don't get routed to
the appropriate file, you don't see anything.
The tickle interface has the ability to specify the error log file.


2009-05-01 17:53

administrator   ~0000507

Changing this to a compiler issue because similar problem also appears with PyGTK GUI.


2011-01-09 22:01

administrator   ~0000665

fixed as of changeset 3141, test case added to CUnit tests.

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