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0000089ascendcompilerpublic2008-02-10 13:03
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Summary0000089: gcc-style errors
DescriptionIn order to pave the way for a possible editor-friendly version of the ASCEND compiler, it would be good to start standardising ASCEND's error messages into a form that could be readily processed by regular expressions to yeild the filename and line number of errors found. A good style that could be confidently integrated with a number of existing text editor tools (for example TextPad, KDevelop?, etc) would be that used by GCC, like

filename.c:82: Syntax error, expecting '}', saw ']'.

Tools like TextPad are able to pattern match the start of each line so that you can click on the error message to be taken to the line of code which caused the error.

At present, ASCEND error messages span multiple lines and are somewhat word, making it difficult to easily integrate them into an automated envorinment.
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2005-11-05 05:10

administrator   ~0000029

A good solution would be to have a 'report_error' method in the interface which is called each time an error needs to be reported back to the UI. This could then generate an Asc-Error type message, or perhaps enter the error into a list or table somewhere.


2006-01-18 17:23

administrator   ~0000241

The error_reporter and CONSOLE_DEBUG methods (for example changeset 235) do this now.

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