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0000092ascendcompilerpublic2008-02-10 13:00
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.9.6 
Summary0000092: default_self "Error" should be a "Warning"
DescriptionThis 'error' is likely to peturb every new user of ASCEND, and is specifically mentioned even in the very first tutorial. It should be changed to a 'warning' or 'notice' if it isn't really an error.
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parent of 0000195 closedjohn Add functionality for METHOD 'warnings' 



2005-10-11 08:24

administrator   ~0000010

The message is:

 {Error! Standard method "default_self" called but not written in MODEL.};


2005-12-27 10:39

manager   ~0000214

There are a variety of suppression switches already included in the
menu. The default setting (to ignore stop statements) converts
the STOP statements in the basemodel library effectively into warnings.
The documentation in the basemodel library is a pretty good
description of the philosophical basis behind the design of the
current behavior. The advanced user (of the tickle interface at least)
has full control the behavior.


2007-01-10 06:37

administrator   ~0000416

With 'on_load' being used now in the PyGTK interface, this is less of a concern.

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